Frequently Asked Questions



Q:  How do I enable pop-ups when browsing in Google Chrome?
A:   Please visit this Google web page for instructions.

Q:  How do I share a file from my OneDrive?

A:  Please follow the steps in this Document.


Q:  How do I open a Helpdesk ticket?
A:   Please follow the steps in this Document.

Q:  My Lenovo Y370 Staff laptop isn't turning on! What can I do?
A:   Please follow the steps in this Document.



Q:  Can I use Microsoft Teams on my personal phone or iPad?

A:   Yes. You will need to download and install the Microsoft Teams app from the app store, then sign-in.

Q:  I keep getting disconnected when using Microsoft Teams. What can I do?

A:  Please ensure your web browser is up to date. Follow the steps in this Document.